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About Us!

At B2B we are committed to teaching the game of basketball from a fundamental standpoint, building a players game from the ground up. 

Is one on one training where a players game is evaluated for weaknesses and bad habits. 
Through this evaluation we are able to tailor a program for the player so they continue to improve on the fundamentals while increasing their skill level.   


Or group training offers that one on one setting while cutting the cost. 
With small groups (2-5 players) we're still able to give the players the individual attention that is needed to improve on their weaknesses through fundamentals while increasing their skill level
Offers players a chance to play games in a tournament setting.  Players will be placed on teams through evaluation based on age and skill level.
What's different about our club teams is our focus is on the individual player improving on their fundamentals and skill level by getting back 2 the basic fundamentals.
That is why at B2B, we tailor our practices to achieve this goal because we believe a player should be practicing 80% of the time and then playing games 20% of the time. Through this method we find that a player is fundamentally more sound without sacrificing their development.  
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